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One of the most famous internet Christian bumper stickers is Honk if you love Jesus sticker. In an auction in New York, the popularity of this sticker was proven when the winning bid for the sticker amounted to one million dollars. Another famous sticker, which is the "Have you prayed today"? sticker, made in 1958, fetched a higher price of $1.2 million dollars in a recent auction. The people who buy these stickers display them together with their antiques.

Bumper Stickers Printing Make Your Own We can do volume printing for your bumper sticker needs. The Christian bumper stickers are a welcome relief from the rude and crude saying we are seeing on so many cars these days. It is refreshing to see another car that is willing to make a statement about how things should be. So many bumper stickers point fun at God, leadership and morality. Religious bumper stickers are the exception anymore, as America is heading fast away from her foundations, "One nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for all." It is a small thing to put a bumper sticker on your car, but it is another way of letting hundreds of people know that you are one who believes that we have a Creator and that what happens in this life really does matter.The Christian Bumper Stickers for Car

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The first bumper stickers were printed on blue and black backgrounds. The ink was fluorescent and they brightly announced where the family had been vacationing. They soon helped to spread the word about tourist destinations located across the country. To advertise himself, Gill placed the name of his company on the very bottom of the bumper stickers he printed. This launched a product that would soon become part of our democracy and the become an symbol of the first amendment.

Custom Bumper Stickers for Car Those who did not like Senator John Kerry also received his fair share of bumper stickers that showed the people's dislike for the senator. Some notable ones include ‘Better Bushed than Kerried,' and 'Kerry for President x96 of France' bumper stickers that were also very popular. Other bumper stickers included 'Kerry's scary' and 'Flush the Johns Nov. 2' stickers, which refer to the names of both the presidential candidate and his running mate, Senator John Edwards.

The political bumper stickers that proliferated during the 2004 presidential campaign have effectively shown the divide among the American people with regard to their political views. Given this, it can be expected that in 2008, there will be more humorous bumper stickers to take notice of. The Car Bumper Stickers

It does not matter if you are walking, driving around, or riding on the bus. You are bound to run into cars with all sorts of bumper stickers. One could ask: Why do people apply bumper stickers to their cars? There is no one absolute reason.

When you need a solid vehicle for your message, why not put your message on a vehicle? In the world of advertising, there is no space that won't be used as a means for promoting a message. The more spots you can find for your message the better.

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Bumper Stickers Printing Make Your Own We can do volume printing for your bumper sticker needs.

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