Online Concordance of the Holy Bible, King James Version

With the advent of the personal computer and the internet, Bible study has become easier,faster, more accurate and more thorough than ever before.

Concordance: contains an absolutely unabridged concordance of the King James version of the Bible.
Enter a word in the concordance target box, click concordance, and the concordance is aligned at the specified word.The number beside the word indicates how many times it appears in the KJV Bible. To view the references to that word,click the word and, when it appears in the search box, click search. You may search multiple words at one time (for example,boat,boats) by clicking on each word, one at a time, until the search list is complete, then clicking search.

Search: One may search for single or multiple words or even phrases by entering the word(s) or phrase(s), separated only by a comma, then clicking search. In the case of phrases, experience suggests that the minimum number of words producesthe best results. For example, "This day" is more likely to find the desired quotation than, " Behold, this day have I heard thee", because your recollection may not be accurate.
To study a subject one may specify multiple words related to the subject and the search will locate every occurance of those words in the Bible and present the results in three selectable formats.

At the top right corner of each page is a clickable selector for the threeformats.

  • SCAN: Reference and just a few words to identify the verse.
  • VERSE: The text of the verse at the reference.
  • CHAPTER: The full text of the chapter which contains the reference.
  • Typically one would use the scan format to examine a large number of references, switch to verse to examine an interesting reference, then switch to chapter to see the verse in the context of the chapter in which it appears. No more inaccurate teaching caused by reliance upon imperfect memory.

    When researching a topic using keywords, some of the references found may not relate to the topic at hand. You may download the search results to your personal computer and use a word processor to edit the list. While examining the results of a search click download. Godsview will prepare a file of the verses and present it to your computer. Save the file undera meaningful name.txt

    Try a practice run. Think of an interesting character in the Bible, suchas Joseph, and do a search on his name.

    Enter one or more words and/or phrases separated by commas (no spacesexcept the space between words of a phrase), then click SEARCH.
    If a word or phrase is not present in the text the display directs youto the vocabulary list to assist in refining your search.

    VOCABULARYA list of all 12,852 words in the KJV Bible plus a point and click method of initiating searches for them.Enter a word or part of a word to position the list at or near the target word, then click VOCABULARY.