If you are interested and willing to put the effort into it, here is how one can use the search feature to make a thorough study of a subject. Suggested steps:
1. Use the search feature to identify every verse in the Bible containing words associated with the target subject. For instance, if you were studying the Holy Spirit search for "Spirit" and "Holy Ghost" (a New Testament reference to Holy Spirit). Your search request would look like the following:

The search would return 594 instances, many of which relate to spirits other than the Spirit of God.

2. My favorite method of examining the results is to switch to chapter mode, then read the references as they occur embedded within the associated chapters. When you have finished examining a chapter click FORWARD to reach the next chapter containing a reference. If the subject is short you may have gathered all of the information you require. To continue researching...

3. Download the resulting list to your personal computer. (Switch back to verse mode. At the bottom of a page of the list click DOWNLOAD.) When asked whether to open or save the file request SAVE but under a meaningful_name.txt, example Holy_Spirit.txt. The .txt filetype is important.

4. Use your favorite text editor to scan your saved file for relevant verses, deleting the verses which are not. Save the resulting "cleaned up" file under a different name.txt so that you may access it as required.

5. Again using your text editor begin an analysis of the references to the Holy Spirit. Depending upon your goal you may wish to look for names assigned to the Holy Spirit or perhaps functions of the Holy Spirit. You may wish to use the editor to move verses into groups depending upon your analysis. HINT! Do not modify your good file of references. Copy the file to another name and modify the copy to your heart's content, leaving the original file untouched..


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