Most of us are familiar with pictures of waterfalls. A series of small streams merge into a great river which moves across the landscape and abruptly plunges over a precipice. Awe inspiring, yet it produces a shudder when we contemplate being caught in the current of such a river.

My friends, that picture is a fair analogy of the stream of life in which we are engaged. Visit any graveyard and read the inscriptions on the stones, "Born xxxx, Died xxxx." At birth we join the stream of life. For a few years we intermingle with others but eventually come to the end of this earthly life, the great precipice called death. At that point it is too late to change our minds and go back to do things differently. In the famous words of Pilate, "What I have written I have written". (John 19:22)

Along the way we encounter many signposts stating, "This is the way!" or, "This way is better!" or, "Soft landing guaranteed!" All sorts of belief systems and religions promote theories ranging from, "Poof! One vanishes after death" to, "Don't worry! We are all headed to the same place, just taking different paths." to, "There is only one way! Miss it and you risk eternal suffering."
Obviously, these varied pronouncements cannot all be correct. Your eternal future depends upon making the right choice. Therefore, preparing for the eternal afterlife is the most important task of this short life. Solving the question, "What must I do to be saved?" deserves serious methodical study.

How does one go about coming to the accurate conclusion? We would suggest a four step approach.

Research at this level is not for the weak. We know that most will turn aside at this point and turn on the TV. However, for those strong enough and serious enough to persist we invite you to begin reading the Bible and praying to God for guidiance. (We at use what is called the King James translation because it has a long history and we are comfortable with it, but have no problem with most other, more modern translations.) If you are new to Bible reading, start your reading at the The Gospel according to Matthew and discover God's love and provision for you through his Son, Jesus Christ.

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