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God' is an online Bible concordance, search, and study tool. The concordance is exhaustive—containing all 12,852 words in the King James Bible. God' also has over 100 pages of topical studies and verse by verse expositions of Scripture which are useful for personal devotions or developing short Bible studies.

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All 12,852 words in the KJV Bible, the number of times each occurs, and a simple point and click method for initiating a search.


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The foundation of Bible Study is daily, systematic reading. Our wonderful mind organizes, stores and recalls under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Thu., July 18. Hosea 1-7

Wed., July 17. 2 Kings 18; 2 Chronicles 29-31; Psalms 48

Tue., July 16. Isaiah 23-27

Mon., July 15. Isaiah 18-22

Sun., July 14. Isaiah 13-17

Sat., July 13. 2 Kings 16-17; 2 Chronicles 28

Fri., July 12. Micah

Thu., July 11. 2 Chronicles 27; Isaiah 9-12

Wed., July 10. Amos 6-9

Tue., July 9. Amos 1-5