See it from God’s View

Bible study using modern computer tools is easier, more productive, and more rewarding than ever before. Here are a few tools which we trust will contribute to accuracy and thoroughness both in your personal study and as you prepare to instruct others.

Full Text of the KJV Bible

  • Chronological reading guide. The daily chronological Bible reading plan helps you to read the Bible in the order the events occurred. Even Pastors sometimes have difficulty continuing daily sequential reading. We study passages for sermons but are hard pressed to find time for serial reading. Discipline yourself to start the day with the Word of God, — then open your emails.
  • Rapid lookup. When studying from a printed book is it convenient to be able to look up referenced passages without losing your place in your book. Keep your computer tuned to and use the Bible Text lookup feature.
  • Multi-level lookup. If you are reading text on the screen and see an interesting word you may do a search for that word without losing your place in the text you were reading. (This is a frames function which may not be supported by some browsers.)
KJV Bible

Bible Search

Our combination of unabridged concordance and Bible search is unique on the internet and provides a convenient point and click method of specifying useful combinations of search words.

  • Researching a subject is made easier by entering a word or phrase and locating every verse in the Bible where the word or phrase occurs. In fact, you may enter multiple words/phrases at the same time to cover alternate spellings or related words. The resulting list may be selectively displayed in scan (just a few words from the verse), full verse or even better, chapter mode, to examine context. It may also be downloaded to your PC for further manipulation by your favorite text editor.
  • Absolutely unabridged online concordance permits you to determine whether or not a given word is present in the King James version of the Bible. You can use the concordance to identify and add words to the search engine target list. For example; if you wish to study prayer, enter pray in the concordance lookup and click concordance, then one by one, click the words related to prayer, ie; pray,prayed,prayer,prayers,prayest,prayeth,praying then click the search button.

Bible Commentary

  • Devotions. The more than 95 short verse by verse expositions of Scripture are just right for personal devotions or preparing short Bible studies.
  • Topical subjects. The continually growing library of studies relating to various subjects is thorough and interactive. The multitude of references identified on each page help in understanding what the Bible really says about a given subject. And if you disagree, you have a wonderful set of tools with which to begin your own independent research.
  • Illustrations. Several illustrations which help shed light and sometimes humor on various portions of Scripture.