INTRODUCTION: Everybody, without exception, has hope of attaining Heaven after they die. The problem is, there are so many conflicting theories on how to get there that many people just try to live a good life (by their standards) and hope for the best. Now we have the answer!

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: John 14:6.

We have already discussed the fact that Jesus is God; that the Bible is God's handbook for earth's population; that Jesus Christ is the Messiah promised in the Bible. Now we have the words of Christ where he tells his disciples, "I am the way...." Do you remember that old joke about when a person is looking for something, he finds it in the last place he looked? It has a double meaning. The person had been looking long and hard for the item and finally found it. Also, once the person found it there was no need to look any further. We are in exactly that position. We have found the way to the Father. There is no need to continue searching.

The next step then, is to discover how one travels this "way". Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews had an interview with Jesus hoping to find some answers. Jesus told him:

Congratulations to you if you have made that wise choice. If for some reason you have rejected or chosen to defer responding to Jesus Christ, I would be neglegent if I did not call your attention to the remainder of his statement.

No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6.

An astounding statement. NO MAN cometh unto the Father, BUT BY ME.
Of the four billion people currently on earth, of all geographical locations, races, religious persuasions, Jesus flatly states that NONE will see Heaven except those who have been born again -- become followers of Jesus -- Christians!

Ok. Catch your breath. Let's try to think of this in a rational way.
I must share with you a personal illustration at this point. About ten years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer. My wife and I met with the physician at his office to discuss it and his statement to me was very plain. "Mr. Denig, you have cancer. If left untreated it will kill you. I can perform a procedure which will cure you. The decision, of course, is up to you." Wow! Strong words! Difficult to hear! However, these were not hateful words. In fact, under the circumstances, they were kind words. He warned me of a serious situation and at the same time offered the solution. An interesting sidelight -- later, as people who knew me and cared about me heard of my problem they began suggesting alternate treatments, certain breakfast cereals and other foods which they had heard could work wonders. They were sincere and I thank them for their concern, but if I had decided to forego the physician's recommendation and instead drink a gallon of pomegranate juice every day, I would not be here to write this page to you. Fortunately, I accepted my physician's advice.

At this point you have had an opportunity to consider Christ's statement and make up your own mind. Here are a few additional points to ponder.

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