By Rev. Richard Denig

This article is about, "How to get your tongue ready to train up your children". God warns us there is a danger of wasting the strength in our tongues. Read James 1:26.
God has given us some great exercises to strengthen our tongues. Here are 12 of them, based on James chapter 1.

  1. Tell your tongue to be joyful. Say, "Praise the Lord! He's still working on me" (vs. 2, 12).

  2. Tell your tongue to speak patiently. Say, "My goal is to give them all they need for their maturity" (vs. 3,4).

  3. Tell your tongue to pray for wisdom. Say, "I need wisdom" (vs.5).

  4. Remind your tongue to ask in faith. Say, "I trust God. He is working all things together for good" (READ Romans 8:28). "I trust God to give me the wisdom I need for this experience" (vs. 6-8).

  5. Remind your tongue to ask in hope. Say, "God promises that there are better things to come" (vs. 9-11).

  6. Tell your tongue to rejoice and pray for endurance. Say, "With God's help I'm not giving up" (vs. 12).

  7. Tell your tongue to be thankful. Say, "Thank you God for giving me rewards" (vs. 12).

  8. Tell your tongue to be loving. Say, "I love you Heavenly Father" (vs. 12).

  9. Tell your tongue to stop complaining. Say "Everything God does is good. I'm the sinner" (vs. 13-15).

  10. Tell your tongue not to be deceived. Say, "I can count on God to be good to us again" (vs. 16-18).

  11. Tell your tongue to be quiet. Say, "Be slow to speak, so that my ears will be able to be swift to hear, and so that I will be slow to wrath" (vs. 19-20).

  12. Tell your tongue that you want it to speak clean words. Say, "I will use soap on you if necessary. I want my tongue to be clean, because I'm getting ready to use it to speak the Word of God" (vs. 21).

  13. Tell your tongue to pray. Take the time right now to confess your sins (vs. 21). It is also good to RECITE 1 John 1:6-9. Say "Thank you God for forgiving me."

  14. Tell your tongue to change gears. Say, "Now let's practice what you preach. It's time for my feet to exercise" (vs. 21-27).

Go to others. Say, "Hello, God loves you." Ask, "How can I help you?" Remember this, God wants to give them something that is pure, and you want to keep it that way (vs. 27).

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