Is there any HOPE for me? YES. People who are locked in darkness are glad for a glimmer of light. I pray that God will use these brief comments to give you genuine hope.

  1. HOPE instead of pity.
    God will not treat you as though you are only half of a person. When you come to His house, you will be completely healed. READ Isaiah 35:5-6.

  2. HOPE instead of captivity
    John the Baptist was held by a man who had a sorry sense of justice. Even then, Jesus gave him hope. READ Matthew 11:2-6.

  3. HOPE instead of despair.
    Paul and Silas were not like all of the other prisoners. Jesus shook the place and set them free. READ Acts 16:22-31.

  4. HOPE instead of insignificance.
    There were 99 sheep with all the protection they needed. One sheep had wandered away on his own. Maybe you feel too unimportant for anyone to care about you. Jesus cares about you. READ Luke 15:3-7

  5. HOPE instead of revenge.
    Evil feelings of revenge can do as much harm to your soul as those who hurt your body. READ Proverbs 24:17-18. God promises in Psalm 94 to bring His holy vengeance upon the wicked. God will give you the help you need. READ Psalm 94:16-19. He promises that His arm is long enough to reach out and punish them. READ Amos 9:1-5

  6. HOPE instead of being a sad senior citizen.
    God promises that He will not forsake you when you are old. READ Psalm 71:5-19 and READ Isaiah 46:3-4.

  7. HOPE instead of a broken home.
    God's grace provided a miracle to one couple. NO, it will not always happen, but it is possible! READ Hosea 2:14-20. God wants to give you hope. READ 1 Corinthians 7:13-16

  8. HOPE when you have been forced to walk in circles.
    The enemy had an evil spirit of revenge, but Samson had a spirit of hope, because he had repented. READ Judges 16:23-30

  9. HOPE when they put you in chains.
    You don't want to pay the price he paid, in order to break some chains. READ Luke 8:26-39. Accept freedom as a gift from Jesus. READ John 8:31-36.

  10. HOPE instead of the same old failures.
    You may be discouraged because of all the people you depended upon who let you down. Have hope. Jesus is different. READ Luke 8:43-48.

  11. HOPE instead of hopelessness.
    Others may laugh at you because they think your goal impossible. READ Luke 8:40-55.

  12. HOPE instead of the fear of death.
    God promises that you will not be alone when you go through the valley of the shadow of death. READ Psalm 23.

    Pastor Dick Denig

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