A song to be sung to the tune of "Onward Christian Soldiers."
Words: Dick Denig
These are the words for a projection screen, or printing. There is no copyright. It's free.

Rahab had a scarlet chord, Ja-el had a nail,
Sarah had God's promise. And it could not fail,
Dorcus' love made garments, widow's faith made oil,
Moses' mother's ark, the Pharoah's plot did foil.

Caleb saw a mountain, David saw the skies,
Jairus had a daughter, Jesus said "ARISE,"
Philip the evangelist, eunuch's faith baptized,
Jonathan was not afraid, the LORD was on his side.

A young girl named Rhoda, hearing came to tell,
Peter was there knocking, praise God he is well.
The boy king Jos-iah, found God's Book and read,
A boy shared his lunch, and thousands were fed.

Onward Christian (Mothers/Fathers/Children), marching as to war,
With the cross of Jesus, going on before.

Note: all who love Jesus fight Satan with the armor of the Lord, Ephesians 6.
It's a blessing to sing "Families in the Bible" with children, in any service. Use verse 1 on MOTHER'S DAY, etc. It's fun to write Bible quiz questions, for example:

    1. Who was Rahab's child? (hint Matthew 1:5). Look up all the family members.
    2. Where does the Bible tell their stories?
    3. What did God do?
    4. How old were they? (especially the children).
    5. Have you ever pounded a nail?
    6. Who? What Where & Why? What does "scarlet" mean? Who else had an ark? What is the name of the mountain? How many thousand? What did they eat? Why was Peter knocking? Where did king Josiah live? Who was Jonathan's best friend? .Who helped the widow? What did God promise to give Sarah? Where was Moses' ark?
    7. Do you know anyone who would like to sing, "Families in the Bible"? .

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