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GENESIS 5:1 the generations of Adam. IN the day that God
GENESIS 5:1 that God created man, IN the likeness of God
GENESIS 5:2 called their name Adam, IN the day when they
GENESIS 5:3 and begat a son IN his own likeness, and
GENESIS 6:4 There were giants IN the earth IN those days;
GENESIS 6:4 giants IN the earth IN those days; and also
GENESIS 6:4 sons of God came IN unto the daughters of
GENESIS 6:5 of man was great IN the earth, and that
GENESIS 6:8 But Noah found grace IN the eyes of the
GENESIS 6:9 just man and perfect IN his generations, and Noah
GENESIS 6:14 rooms shalt thou make IN the ark, and shalt
GENESIS 6:16 to the ark, and IN a cubit shalt thou
GENESIS 6:16 ark shalt thou set IN the side thereof; with
GENESIS 6:17 every thing that is IN the earth shall die.
GENESIS 7:1 have I seen righteous before me IN this generation.
GENESIS 7:7 And Noah went IN, and his sons, and his
GENESIS 7:9 There went IN two and two unto Noah into
GENESIS 7:11 IN the six hundredth year of Noah's life, IN
GENESIS 7:11 year of Noah's life, IN the second month, the
GENESIS 7:13 IN the selfsame day entered Noah, and Shem, and
GENESIS 7:15 And they went IN unto Noah into the ark,
GENESIS 7:16 And they that went IN, went IN male and
GENESIS 7:16 that went IN, went IN male and female of
GENESIS 7:16 had commanded him: and the LORD shut him IN.
GENESIS 7:22 All IN whose nostrils was the breath of life,
GENESIS 7:22 of all that was IN the dry land, died.
GENESIS 7:23 and they that were with him IN the ark.
GENESIS 8:1 that was with him IN the ark: and God
GENESIS 8:4 And the ark rested IN the seventh month, on
GENESIS 8:5 until the tenth month: IN the tenth month, on
GENESIS 8:9 her, and pulled her IN unto him into the
GENESIS 8:11 And the dove came IN to him IN the
GENESIS 8:11 came IN to him IN the evening; and, lo,
GENESIS 8:11 the evening; and, lo, IN her mouth was an
GENESIS 8:13 it came to pass IN the six hundredth and
GENESIS 8:13 hundredth and first year, IN the first month, the
GENESIS 8:14 And IN the second month, on the seven and
GENESIS 8:17 they may breed abundantly IN the earth, and be
GENESIS 8:21 and the LORD said IN his heart, I will
GENESIS 9:6 blood be shed: for IN the image of God
GENESIS 9:7 multiply; bring forth abundantly IN the earth, and multiply
GENESIS 9:13 do set my bow IN the cloud, and it
GENESIS 9:14 that the bow shall be seen IN the cloud:
GENESIS 9:16 the bow shall be IN the cloud; and I
GENESIS 9:27 and he shall dwell IN the tents of Shem;
GENESIS 10:5 of the Gentiles divided IN their lands; every one
GENESIS 10:5 after his tongue, after their families, IN their nations.
GENESIS 10:8 began to be a mighty one IN the earth.
GENESIS 10:10 and Accad, and Calneh, IN the land of Shinar.
GENESIS 10:20 families, after their tongues, IN their countries, and IN
GENESIS 10:20 their tongues, IN their countries, and IN their nations.
GENESIS 10:25 one was Peleg; for IN his days was the
GENESIS 10:31 families, after their tongues, IN their lands, after their
GENESIS 10:32 Noah, after their generations, IN their nations: and by
GENESIS 10:32 were the nations divided IN the earth after the
GENESIS 11:2 they found a plain IN the land of Shinar;
GENESIS 11:28 before his father Terah IN the land of his
GENESIS 11:28 land of his nativity, IN Ur of the Chaldees.
GENESIS 11:31 and Sarai his daughter IN law, his son Abram's
GENESIS 11:32 hundred and five years: and Terah died IN Haran.
GENESIS 12:3 that curseth thee: and IN thee shall all families
GENESIS 12:5 that they had gotten IN Haran; and they went
GENESIS 12:6 Moreh. And the Canaanite was then IN the land.
GENESIS 12:10 there was a famine IN the land: and Abram
GENESIS 12:10 there; for the famine was grievous IN the land.
GENESIS 13:2 Abram was very rich IN cattle, IN silver, and
GENESIS 13:2 very rich IN cattle, IN silver, and IN gold.
GENESIS 13:2 very rich IN cattle, IN silver, and IN gold.
GENESIS 13:7 Canaanite and the Perizzite dwelled then IN the land.
GENESIS 13:12 Abram dwelled IN the land of Canaan, and Lot
GENESIS 13:12 Canaan, and Lot dwelled IN the cities of the
GENESIS 13:17 walk through the land IN the length of it
GENESIS 13:17 length of it and IN the breadth of it;
GENESIS 13:18 and came and dwelt IN the plain of Mamre,
GENESIS 13:18 of Mamre, which is IN Hebron, and built there
GENESIS 14:1 it came to pass IN the days of Amraphel
GENESIS 14:3 these were joined together IN the vale of Siddim,
GENESIS 14:4 they served Chedorlaomer, and IN the thirteenth year they
GENESIS 14:5 And IN the fourteenth year came Chedorlaomer, and the
GENESIS 14:5 and smote the Rephaims IN Ashteroth Karnaim, and the
GENESIS 14:5 Karnaim, and the Zuzims IN Ham, and the Emins
GENESIS 14:5 Zuzims IN Ham, and the Emins IN Shaveh Kiriathaim,
GENESIS 14:6 And the Horites IN their mount Seir, unto Elparan,
GENESIS 14:7 Amalekites, and also the Amorites, that dwelt IN Hazezontamar.
GENESIS 14:8 joined battle with them IN the vale of Siddim;
GENESIS 14:12 brother's son, who dwelt IN Sodom, and his goods,
GENESIS 14:13 Hebrew; for he dwelt IN the plain of Mamre
GENESIS 14:14 his trained servants, born IN his own house, three
GENESIS 15:1 LORD came unto Abram IN a vision, saying, Fear
GENESIS 15:3 and, lo, one born IN my house is mine
GENESIS 15:6 And he believed IN the LORD; and he counted
GENESIS 15:10 these, and divided them IN the midst, and laid
GENESIS 15:13 shall be a stranger IN a land that is
GENESIS 15:15 go to thy fathers IN peace; thou shalt be
GENESIS 15:15 thou shalt be buried IN a good old age.
GENESIS 15:16 But IN the fourth generation they shall come hither
GENESIS 15:18 IN the same day the LORD made a covenant
GENESIS 16:2 I pray thee, go IN unto my maid; it
GENESIS 16:3 had dwelt ten years IN the land of Canaan,
GENESIS 16:4 And he went IN unto Hagar, and she conceived:
GENESIS 16:4 had conceived, her mistress was despised IN her eyes.
GENESIS 16:5 conceived, I was despised IN her eyes: the LORD
GENESIS 16:6 Behold, thy maid is IN thine hand; do to
GENESIS 16:7 a fountain of water IN the wilderness, by the
GENESIS 16:7 wilderness, by the fountain IN the way to Shur.
GENESIS 16:12 and he shall dwell IN the presence of all
GENESIS 17:7 thy seed after thee IN their generations for an
GENESIS 17:9 thou, and thy seed after thee IN their generations.
GENESIS 17:12 you, every man child IN your generations, he that
GENESIS 17:12 he that is born IN the house, or bought
GENESIS 17:13 He that is born IN thy house, and he
GENESIS 17:13 my covenant shall be IN your flesh for an
GENESIS 17:17 and laughed, and said IN his heart, Shall a
GENESIS 17:21 thee at this set time IN the next year.
GENESIS 17:23 all that were born IN his house, and all
GENESIS 17:23 flesh of their foreskin IN the selfsame day, as
GENESIS 17:24 when he was circumcised IN the flesh of his
GENESIS 17:25 when he was circumcised IN the flesh of his
GENESIS 17:26 IN the selfsame day was Abraham circumcised, and Ishmael
GENESIS 17:27 of his house, born IN the house, and bought
GENESIS 18:1 LORD appeared unto him IN the plains of Mamre:
GENESIS 18:1 Mamre: and he sat IN the tent door IN
GENESIS 18:1 IN the tent door IN the heat of the
GENESIS 18:3 I have found favour IN thy sight, pass not
GENESIS 18:9 thy wife? And he said, Behold, IN the tent.
GENESIS 18:10 And Sarah heard it IN the tent door, which
GENESIS 18:11 old and well stricken IN age; and it ceased
GENESIS 18:18 nations of the earth shall be blessed IN him?
GENESIS 18:26 said, If I find IN Sodom fifty righteous within
GENESIS 19:1 even; and Lot sat IN the gate of Sodom:
GENESIS 19:2 now, my lords, turn IN, I pray you, into
GENESIS 19:2 but we will abide IN the street all night.
GENESIS 19:3 greatly; and they turned IN unto him, and entered
GENESIS 19:5 the men which came IN to thee this night?
GENESIS 19:8 them as is good IN your eyes: only unto
GENESIS 19:9 This one fellow came IN to sojourn, and he
GENESIS 19:12 here any besides? son IN law, and thy sons,
GENESIS 19:12 and whatsoever thou hast IN the city, bring them
GENESIS 19:14 spake unto his sons IN law, which married his
GENESIS 19:14 as one that mocked unto his sons IN law.
GENESIS 19:15 lest thou be consumed IN the iniquity of the
GENESIS 19:17 thee, neither stay thou IN all the plain; escape
GENESIS 19:19 servant hath found grace IN thy sight, and thou
GENESIS 19:19 hast shewed unto me IN saving my life; and
GENESIS 19:27 Abraham gat up early IN the morning to the
GENESIS 19:29 he overthrew the cities IN the which Lot dwelt.
GENESIS 19:30 of Zoar, and dwelt IN the mountain, and his
GENESIS 19:30 he feared to dwell IN Zoar: and he dwelt
GENESIS 19:30 Zoar: and he dwelt IN a cave, he and
GENESIS 19:31 is not a man IN the earth to come
GENESIS 19:31 the earth to come IN unto us after the
GENESIS 19:33 and the firstborn went IN, and lay with her
GENESIS 19:34 also; and go thou IN, and lie with him,
GENESIS 20:1 dwelled between Kadesh and Shur, and sojourned IN Gerar.
GENESIS 20:3 God came to Abimelech IN a dream by night,
GENESIS 20:5 He is my brother: IN the integrity of my
GENESIS 20:6 God said unto him IN a dream, Yea, I
GENESIS 20:6 that thou didst this IN the integrity of thy
GENESIS 20:8 Therefore Abimelech rose early IN the morning, and called
GENESIS 20:8 told all these things IN their ears: and the
GENESIS 20:11 of God is not IN this place; and they
GENESIS 21:2 bare Abraham a son IN his old age, at
GENESIS 21:7 have born him a son IN his old age.
GENESIS 21:11 thing was very grievous IN Abraham's sight because of
GENESIS 21:12 it not be grievous IN thy sight because of
GENESIS 21:12 because of thy bondwoman; IN all that Sarah hath
GENESIS 21:12 unto her voice; for IN Isaac shall thy seed
GENESIS 21:14 Abraham rose up early IN the morning, and took
GENESIS 21:14 she departed, and wandered IN the wilderness of Beersheba.
GENESIS 21:15 the water was spent IN the bottle, and she
GENESIS 21:18 lad, and hold him IN thine hand; for I
GENESIS 21:20 he grew, and dwelt IN the wilderness, and became
GENESIS 21:21 And he dwelt IN the wilderness of Paran: and
GENESIS 21:22 God is with thee IN all that thou doest:
GENESIS 21:33 Abraham planted a grove IN Beersheba, and called there
GENESIS 21:34 And Abraham sojourned IN the Philistines' land many days.
GENESIS 22:3 Abraham rose up early IN the morning, and saddled
GENESIS 22:6 he took the fire IN his hand, and a
GENESIS 22:9 and laid the wood IN order, and bound Isaac
GENESIS 22:13 him a ram caught IN a thicket by his
GENESIS 22:13 for a burnt offering IN the stead of his
GENESIS 22:14 said to this day, IN the mount of the
GENESIS 22:17 That IN blessing I will bless thee, and IN
GENESIS 22:17 will bless thee, and IN multiplying I will multiply
GENESIS 22:18 And IN thy seed shall all the nations of
GENESIS 23:2 And Sarah died IN Kirjatharba; the same is Hebron
GENESIS 23:2 the same is Hebron IN the land of Canaan:
GENESIS 23:6 mighty prince among us: IN the choice of our
GENESIS 23:9 he hath, which is IN the end of his
GENESIS 23:10 the Hittite answered Abraham IN the audience of the
GENESIS 23:10 of all that went IN at the gate of
GENESIS 23:11 I give it thee; IN the presence of the
GENESIS 23:13 he spake unto Ephron IN the audience of the
GENESIS 23:16 which he had named IN the audience of the
GENESIS 23:17 of Ephron which was IN Machpelah, which was before
GENESIS 23:17 the trees that were IN the field, that were
GENESIS 23:17 the field, that were IN all the borders round
GENESIS 23:18 Abraham for a possession IN the presence of the
GENESIS 23:18 before all that went IN at the gate of
GENESIS 23:19 buried Sarah his wife IN the cave of the
GENESIS 23:19 the same is Hebron IN the land of Canaan.

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